Shaun Laframboise

I’m Shaun Laframboise, the founder of Right Light Productions.  I’ve worked in media production for all my life, even before it was considered my ‘work.

As a kid I was always the family videographer, a title I continue to proudly hold with my own growing family, as you can see in some of the videos below.

For almost 2 decades I worked for a non-profit as I built my own production company.  In 2017, I had an amazing opportunity to step into running the production company full time, doing the work I truly love.

I, along with a few very talented friends whom I hire based on project needs, make up Right Light Productions.

Based in the glorious Berkshires, my amazing wife and I both run our own small business and are raising our family.

I’m thrilled to be doing the work I love in this amazing community.

When not behind a camera, you can find me floating on Onota lake, getting lost in one of our beautiful state forests, or fighting the urge to get a second coffee at Dottie’s on North St.

My Loves

To my little brother

In order to help prepare my oldest son to become a big brother, we did a number of things with him.  We filled the floor of a room with photography background paper, almost wall to wall, and let him do a huge body painting for his brother, we also had him pick out his first toy, and record this video, among other things.  I gave him a few promptings, but for the most part these are his musings to help prepare his incoming brother for life with our family.

First Wrestling Match

This was an unplanned video production, we were visiting family during my nephew’s first ever wrestling match.  Due to being a last minute production that wasn’t planned, I had no microphone, only the onboard camera mic.  But since (spoiler alert) he dominated each match and gave such a great interview, we put this together so, when he wins his first olympic gold, he can look back and see where he started.  Such a sweet boy on the playground, but full on beast mode on the mat.

With Love, LBI

Each year we are fortunate enough to vacation in LBI, these are a few snippets of taking our youngest, only 5 weeks old, to the shore and seeing the ocean for the first time.

Onota Lake Timelapse

We love where we live on Thomas Island.  Beyond the amazing community of people, the mountain views and the water make for a truly special place that often surprises visitors who don’t equate Pittsfield with having such beauty.  I’m a huge fan of timelapse videos and captured this one starry night.

State Forest Winter Walk

Less than a few minutes drive on the other side of Onota Lake, the state forest offers some great trails to get lost in, which we try to do when we can, esp. in the winter when that cabin fever starts to kick in.

We’ve worked with


Whether you know exactly what you want, or need help determining the scope of your project, the first step is easy.  Take a moment and let me know what your thoughts are and I can help you determine your best next step from there.